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OSOW History

• Established in1999, in Ringsted
• Meeting in 2000 – Helsinki
• Meeting in 2001 – Trondheim
• Meeting in 2002 – Borensberg, Vadstena
• Meeting in 2003 – Ringsted
• Meeting in 2005 – Villingen/Schwenningen
• Meeting in 2007 – Espoo
• Meeting in 2009 – Vännäs
• Meeting in 2011 – Järvenpää
• Meeting in 2013 – Hamburg
• Meeting in 2015 – Glashütte


OSOW started from a cooperation between the watchmaker schools in the Nordic countries.
The main issue of this cooperation was an exchange of students during two weeks every year. During this two weeks the students at the participating schools, worked with the same project, skeletonize a pocket watch movement ETA cal.6497-1.
Until 2003 the participating schools meet every year, at the same place and time when the Nordic Watchmaker Association had their meetings, but at that meeting in 2003, the OSOW members decided that OSOW meetings should be held every two years, at the school of the current President of the network.




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