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Students on their way to
the Basel fair in 2007.
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school portrait : Native language Swedish

Name: Liljaskolan - Vannäs
Country: Sweden
City: 911 34 Vännäs
Street: Liljas väg 6



Liljaskolan is an uppper secondary school (in Swedish gymnasium), with about 900 students, mostly age 16-19. About one third of the students study some kind of vehicle technology. Among many various educations the school offers watchmaker education. The education is three years and includes basic subjects such as Swedish, mathematics etc. In the proffesion the education corresponds to two years full time stydies of watchmaking. Upon completing the course, students can apply for University of Applied Sciences for an additional year of watchmaking studies, in order to obtain a journeyman's certificate. Liljaskolan is situated 30km from the town of Umeå, 650km north of Stockholm. Vännäs is a small community with about 8000 inhabitants. Liljaskolan has students from all over Sweden and even some students from our nordic neighbors. The school has a sport profile and many of the students combine their studies with their sport. The school offers lessons in icehockey, snowboard, free skiing, vollyball, horse sport, football and diving. Some years ago we were even offering wave surfing!










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