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Name: Max-Born Berufskolleg
Country: Germany
City: 45665 Recklinghausen
Street: Campus Vest 3
Contact: Udo Friedrich,

Max-Born-Berufskolleg is a vocational college and a technical academy focusing on the fields of art and design, building construction and woodwork, electrical engineering and electronics, as well as mechanical and refrigeration engineering. For trainees in technical drawing, clock and watch making and orthopedics we serve as the one college in North-Rhine-Westfalia.

Max-Born-Berufskolleg as a  technical academy provides continuing vocational training for the assumption of management tasks and offers a range of organisational forms of teaching (full-time or part-time basis) which lead to a post-secondary state vocational education and training qualification in accordance with federal state law. Level of the certificate (national or international): ISCED 1997: 5B; DQR/EQF: 6

The number of students is ca. 3,000 with an amount of 60% part-time students being at college two-times a week, the rest of their time they work in the respective business. The full time students either study to reach a qualification of a vocational college combined with vocational qualification of a technical assistant or for a general university qualification combined with the same vocational qualification.

The Max-Born-Berufskolleg is located at the northern border of the Ruhrmetropolis in the county of Recklinghausen. This former industrially (coal and steel) oriented region has undergone a massive structural change mainly within the last 2 decades. The peek of a high rate of unemployment and its consequential problems seems to be overcome.











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