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Name: Staatliche Feintechnikschule
Country: Germany
City: D-78054 Villingen-Schwenningen
Street: Rietenstraße 9
Principal of school: Thomas Ettwein
Contact: Martin Storz,


The “Staatliche Feintechnikschule mit Technischem Gymnasium“  has got about 600 students in several school departments. These are:
Berufsfachschule: (founded in 1900) as a vocational school for Precision Mechanics, Electronics and Watchmaking
Berufsschule: watchmaking students  are taught theoretical lessons at school and get their  practical education at watchmaking companies (“dual system”)
Meisterschule: master degree for watchmakers and metal working professions
Fachschule für Technik: technician degree for manufacturing engineering and information electronics
Berufskolleg: assistant degree for information and communication technology
Technisches Gymnasium:  technical secondary school to get  a general  university entrance qualification

Training as a watchmaker takes 3 years until the examination. Every year we start with about 16 students in the Berufsfachschule and another 2-4 students in the Berufsschule (“dual system”). The watchmaker master degree class consists of 12 students, it lasts one year. It is taught every second year.
There are 3 workshop teachers, one teacher for theory lessons in watchmaking technology and some more teachers are supporting us in general education lessons.
Our technical equipment and machinery is state-of-the-art. The students work with ergonomic workbenches, use modern measuring devices and design their projects aided by the 3D-CAD-Software “SolidWorks“.
In previous years our school leavers got a lot of job offers and they’ll have the best chances to become successful watchmakers.











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